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The Dawn of the "DeSantis Dollar": A Stealth Path to Florida's CBDC Nightmare

The Dawn of the "DeSantis Dollar": A Stealth Path to Florida's CBDC Nightmare

Author: Mark Miewurd | Published: 2024-02-12 18:04:23

The Dawn of the "DeSantis Dollar": A Stealth Path to Florida's CBDC Nightmare

In a startling pivot that contradicts Gov. Desantis’ campaign trail anti-CBDC rhetoric, the RPOF this past weekend endorsed SB 750 by Senator Rodriguez/HB 697 by Representatives Bankson and LaMarca.

Unfortunately, this well-meaning legislation that claims to want to try to prevent Central Bank Digital Currency is cloaking a perilous venture into digital currency itself, promising stability while harboring a sinister flexibility for future exploitation – the same weakness as a Central Bank Digital Currency.

Under the guise of innovation, SB 750/HB 697 establishes a state-controlled "electronic currency," ostensibly backed 1:1 by gold or silver and “…not available for legislative appropriation.”

Yet, this veneer of security is as thin as the paper it's legislated on. With a mere legislative whim—61 House members, 21 Senators, and a gubernatorial nod—this bill can transform overnight. What's pitched as a bulwark against inflation and CBDC's could easily devolve into a "Shitcoin" fiasco, leaving Floridians' financial stability in the lurch. 

Who knows what the future holds, and with term limits what good is a promise this thin with something this important?

The irony couldn't be starker. The RPOF, once a vocal critic of federal overreach, now champions a system ripe for the same pitfalls: centralized control, privacy erosion, and the specter of unchecked government surveillance. If Governor DeSantis signs this bill, it doesn't just betray a campaign promise; it undermines the very essence of financial freedom.

The Legislature must see through this charade. The "DeSantis Dollar" is not a step forward but a leap into the abyss of governmental control, masquerading as financial innovation. In fact, it contains all of the hallmarks of the CBDC you can see pushed by the left.

It's a stark reminder that in the quest for genuine financial sovereignty, the only surefire electronic currency is Bitcoin.  Bitcoin’s decentralized ledger and fixed supply stands as the antithesis to this folly. It represents true resistance to the whims of government manipulation and inflation—a steadfast beacon of autonomy in the murky waters of digital currency.

The battle against CBDCs shouldn't be fought with the creation of state-controlled digital currencies but with the embrace of truly decentralized, immutable currencies like Bitcoin.

It's time to call out the "DeSantis Dollar" and SB750/HB657 for what it truly is: a misguided venture that threatens to ensnare Florida in the very CBDC nightmare we sought to avoid.