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Palm Beach Power Play - Old Guard's Attempt to Sabotage Lincoln Day Falls Flat

Palm Beach Power Play - Old Guard's Attempt to Sabotage Lincoln Day Falls Flat

Author: Mark Miewurds | Published: 2024-03-21 21:53:43

Palm Beach Power Play - Old Guard's Attempt to Sabotage Lincoln Day Falls Flat

The Palm Beach Republican Executive Committee's Lincoln Day dinner turned heads under the new leadership of Chairman Kevin Neal, but not just for its glittering success or the record-breaking amount - over $1m dollars raised. No, the real spectacle was the behind-the-scenes drama orchestrated by the ousted old guard, bitter about their recent expulsion from the using the event as patronage and pampering for their friends and allies.

This year's event, hosted at Mar-a-Lago with President Trump as the keynote speaker, was not just a social gathering but a battlefield where the old Palm Beach elites waged a covert war of pettiness and sabotage. Imagine these high-society figures, their pearls clutched in outrage, meticulously hurling spitballs at deep-pocketed donors because they haven’t held back their checkbooks in revenge for losing a petty party-planner position, attempting to undermine the event's success.  

The security at Mar-a-Lago, thistight for obvious reasons, became an unwitting accomplice in the juvenile games. Members of Congress were spooked into no-shows, names of GOP dignitaries (including a former State Senator who has often graced these pages) were misspelled intentionally, and some attendees, particularly those seen as allies of the new chairman, were "forgotten" in the security scan, leading to their embarrassing rejection at the door.

Yet, despite this cloak-and-dagger pettiness, the Lincoln Day dinner was a roaring success, a testament to the tenacity of Chairmans Neal and Powers.

The undercurrents of discontent and retribution raise questions about the cost of these internal conflicts, especially in a critical election year. While the event partially filled the coffers for the battleground county, whispers abound that the childish retribution may have cost the party dearly, scaring away over six figures of additional money that could have supported Republican campaigns!

In the end, the event's success was a resounding declaration that no amount of internal strife could derail the Republican cause. "The Palm Beach Lincoln Day was a success with a great line up of speakers and a sold out crowd. It was great to have that kind of energy ready to fight the Democrats this fall,” said Chairman Evan Power via X.

While these disruptors are mere footnotes, the party can't continue to leave money on the table because of some petty personality problems.